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Prints & Note cards is an artist's home for getting prints and note cards (art note cards) produced from their original art or from their digital art files.  We can also make giclee prints for artists giclee art reproductions.

Giclee Art Reproductions & Original Art Note Cards

GICLÉE PAPER PRINTS ... Matte Paper or Textured Paper with minimum ½” mat allowance border ...  Packaged in clear seal bags with backing boards … Certificates of Authenticity available.

NOTE CARDS ... Medium Weight, 80 lb., Matte, White Cover Stock, in 4 sizes:  Standard … 5” x 7” /  Quarter-Fold … 5.5” x 4.25” / Square … 5.25” x 5.25” / Landscape … 4.25” x 9” … Envelopes included ... Loose, Bagged, or Boxed!

GICLÉE CANVAS PRINTS ... Mounted 3/4" Stretcher Bars … (suitable for framing), or Gallery Wrapped on 1-1/2" Stretcher Bars (hangs directly on wall, as is, using pre-installed mounting hardware) … your choice of mirror wrap or solid color ... Certificates of Authenticity available.

WHAT IS A GICLÉE? (& how the heck do you pronounce it?!)

By definition, our fine art reproduction prints are “Giclées”:  Giclée (commonly pronounced "zhee-clay") is the name for the process of making fine art, high-quality prints from a digital computer file - using ink-jet printing.  The word "giclée" is French for spray.  It is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity, high-tech reproduction done on a special large format printer.  Giclées can be printed on any number of archival media, from canvas to watercolor paper.  Giclées are superior to other forms of print production in nearly every way:  the colors are richer, last longer, and are of such a high-resolution that they are virtually continuous tone, rather than tiny dots.  The range, or "gamut" of color for giclées is far beyond that of most other print production processes, and details are crisper.  Giclées use ink jet technology, but far more sophisticated than your desktop printer.  The process employs nine colors of ink (variants of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) that are light-fast (fade resistant) and pigment based.  The ink is sprayed onto the paper or canvas, actually mixing the color on the page to create truer shades & hues.  Giclée prints are coveted by collectors for their colorfast endurance, their museum-grade quality, and their fidelity to the original.  They are highly desired by galleries and artists alike . 
     We use large format printers manufactured by Epson, one of the most prominent names in the industry.


As artists, we love to draw, paint, and exhibit our work. We enter art shows, win ribbons, and sell paintings.  Our efforts are usually rewarding and enjoyable…but…are they profitable?  Considering the high and ever rising costs of art supplies and framing materials, many artists are seeking to add to their income from sales of original art.  Additionally, many artists are seeking ways to further their reputations and careers as artists.
     We can help to expand your art income by offering quality fine art reproductions and original art note cards of your art -- even on a limited budget.  We can help you achieve more artistic notoriety by having your work recognized through fine art reproduction prints and original art note card sales.
     Keep in mind that you can sell the original only once; but, you can sell fine art reproduction prints and original art note cards of the same image indefinitely.  There are numerous opportunities right in your own neighborhood:  galleries and guilds, fairs and festivals, boutiques, kiosks, arts and crafts shows, coffee shops, church bazaars, school fund-raisers, etc.  Just use your imagination and take the initiative.  Perhaps you’ve noticed your fellow artists selling fine art reproduction prints and original art note cards of their work and wondered, ”Why not me?” Well…"Why not you?" 


It doesn't matter if your technical expertise is limited or infinite:  If you prefer doing things “old school,” you’re in luck!  We'll handle the cameras and computers.  All you need to do is paint.  If you can do that and mail a package, that’s all it takes.  

     If you're able to create a digital file of your artwork, and upload it to us via a computerized device, we've got you covered there as well.

     Regardless, we specialize in working with artists who are just beginning their journey into the world of art reproduction, and pride ourselves in retaining our clients throughout their artistic careers.


Digital Art Reproduction -- in short -- is the making of accurate copies of original art, utilizing some combination of cameras, scanners, computers, and printers.  The secret to successful art reproduction is a combination of fine equipment, skilled technicians, and accomplished paintbrush artists:  This is what the Prints And Note Cards team offers you.


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