Reginald McKinney, Mascot

Reginald "Reggie" McKinney is a chi-poo-terr-chow, which is a mix of Chihuahua, Poodle, Rat Terrier, & Chow Chow.  He was acquired through a canine rescue organization.  He hangs in our studio, guarding the staff from untold dangers that accompany every door buzzer ring and mail drop.  

He enjoys running errands, as it allows him to invoke his cape crusader alter ego:  THE WHITE SHADOW!  

Reggie keeps us amused with his clownish ways.  We think that he is channeling the soul of a 12 year old boy, given his mischievous, juvenile  antics!

Randy Orgeron is the proprietor of (a division of Color Simulation Service)  He is the head of the Digital Arts Department.  Randy's diverse background includes the study of theology, performing arts, business, hotel-tourism, medical practice management, and education.  His trek into the world of computers began back in the early 80's when DOS was the only operating system available.

Randy is responsible for your art from the moment that it comes into our studio, while it makes its way through the art reproduction process, and finally as it is handed off to the UPS driver.  Along the route, he consults with the artist and keeps them informed on the progress.  

Randy gets the bulk of the calls and E-Mails that come into our facilities.  His obsession with the details serves the clients well.  He is the "queue master," making certain that the jobs get out in a timely manner.  

Randy is an accomplished, paint-brush artist, having been a successful, blue ribbon winner in some of the initial shows that he entered.  It soon became apparent to him, however, that the other competing artists were not so thrilled about his winnings.  And, since some of them were his art reproduction clients, he felt that it was both prudent and safer to use his talents on the computer screen instead of on the canvas.  And, if testimonials from our hundreds of clients are any gauge, he made a most wise decision.  After all, you can have the finest equipment available; but, it is--in the final analysis--the "artist" at the controls that literally "makes it happen."  Randy is definitely one such artist. 

At 62, Dan, who was a completely self-taught artist, never having had an art lesson in his life, retired to paint.  He had three major solo-shows (one most notably for the U.S. Park Service).  Both his photographic and artistic renderings hang in collections throughout the nation--in private homes and public galleries and institutions.

Desiring to reproduce his own artworks, Dan teamed up with Randy Orgeron, a digital technologist, and -- through their combined efforts -- an embryonic art reproduction company was born: Color Simulation Service ... today known as

Dan's role with the company was as the head of the  "big picture, forward looking" department, acting as consultant and customer relation's monitor.  He was also responsible for the varied product offerings, marketing, capital improvements, and finances.   In short, Dan was our "chief cook and bottle washer".

He authored self-help books, a book about his Downs daughter, fiction and nonfiction crime novels, along with a gook on his experience when undergoing hip surgery.  He was an avid cook.  Some say he could have--should have--been a chef. (Think gumbo!)

We lost Dan, quite unexpectedly, on December 20th, 2018.  Saying that he is missed is truly an understatement.  


7 Days ... Varied

No Walk-ins, by Appt. Only

Dan Junot, Artist / Founder

Ed Hammerli is a true "artisan."  His artistry & craftsmanship combine in the most complimentary of ways.  Ed is an accomplished, exhibiting photographer...adept at capturing the natural world in glorious black & white as he journeys about its lakes & rivers, hills & valleys, swamps & pastures.  Once captured, Ed makes his own frames, cuts his own mats, & assembles the work for final presentation.  Antique maps & prints are two further areas that Ed successfully trades in. 

It is quite wonderful for us (& for you) that Ed's guaranteed, meticulous workmanship also extends to the stretching of canvases.  It was a true gold mine of a find for our company--when we were searching for a way to be able to offer stretched & gallery wrap mountings for our client's canvas Giclée prints--to have discovered Ed's abilities.  We constantly marvel at how the canvas prints come alive with realistic vibrancy once they've undergone Ed's capable stretching process.

Ed Hammerli, Stretcher, etc...

Westley Annis, Computer Technologist

Westley Annis describes himself as a "computer geek and self-appointed know-it-all."

Westley is our point man on all things technological.  When anything that's plugged in and is data driven stops doing what it is supposed to be doing, the call goes out to Westley.  It can honestly be said that he has never failed to resolve any of the regular and varied issues that arise when so many necessary gadgets are involved.  He's our very own "techno-wizard."

The silver lining for us in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was that it brought Westley to our town of Thibodaux, since his home in Chalmettte, Louisiana, was completely inundated with water up to its roof.  He settled here so well that he ran for Lafourche Parish Council.  Westley is involved with civic organizations and volunteers his talents to the local community band and playhouse.

When not keeping us up and running, Westley consults privately with other businesses, writes computer related advice columns for assorted newspapers, recovers lost or deleted data on hard drives for the FBI, and taxies his school age kids around.  Oh yes, and he'll happily entertain you with magic tricks, a more than casual avocation of his!

Randy Orgeron, Art Reproductionist

History & Mission ... 

Our art reproduction company got its start because it’s founder, Dan Junot (whose art can be seen throughout our website), retired to paint, and wanted to create fine art reproduction prints and original art note cards of his own work.  After some research, he acquired the right equipment and technicians to do just that.  Soon, other local artists wanted fine art reproduction prints and original art note cards of their work.  As one thing led to another, by word of mouth, we were soon doing fine art reproduction prints and original art note cards for artists all over the country – hence the formation of Color Simulation Service, today known as

We boast a client roster that hails from as near as one block away, and as far as South Africa.  Our clients range  in status from grade school & beginner adults, to professional & commercial level.  We work with those who paint as an avocation, and those who do it as a career.  That is why we keep the business artist-centered & artist-friendly in terms of pricing, technology, equipment, and materials, so that we can offer the best possible fine art reproductions and original art note cards ... ones that you can proudly have your name on.

We specialize in first timers and new comers to the world of fine art reproductions from original art ... and pride ourselves in retaining our clients throughout their artistic careers.  We’ll be pleased and honored to guide you through and help you get your art out to a broader public.  And finally, we are easy to work with.  By nature we’re just friendly, south-Louisiana, Cajun folk!  People like doing business with us—and we’ve made fabulous friends all over the art-world.