Printing 8 x 10 canvas giclees & mounting them to foam board.

South Louisiana Swamp

No trucks, cars, busses or trains...only the sounds of song birds, crickets, frogs and other wildlife are heard in such a secluded place. Only a tranquil life would be expected living surrounded by cypress trees, water and moss.

Original Medium: Oil on 16 x 20 Stretched Canvas

Limited Edition: 680

Artist: Sharlene Dufrene, Raceland, Louisiana

This grouping of images makes a lovely 12 x 40 triptych, although they were never intended to be grouped together in this way.  A collector asked the artist for permission to allow us to create this piece, as it will work well within the decor of a bedroom redesign.  The gray-green matting is part of the print.

Artwork is by Sharlene Dufrene of Raceland, Louisiana.

Creating this thumbnail insert for a boxed set of note cards, by recently deceased, celebrity artist, James Best (of Dukes of Hazzard fame).

His wife, Dorothy, is offering these for sale on his website, under the "Prints" link. 

Printing 11 x 14 canvas giclees & mounting them to foam board.

“Duck Haven”
South Louisiana

With seemingly no humans around, ducks come in for a landing on a cypress knee filled bayou. What a quiet and peaceful place. How can they resist this swampy bayou land; it’s a perfect safe haven for them.

Original Medium: Oil on 24 x 18 Stretched Canvas ... Limited Edition: 560

Artist: Sharlene Dufrene, Raceland, Louisiana

Printing 11 x 14 canvas giclees & mounting them to foam board.

"Close Encounter”

A great blue heron bravely flies over a large hungry alligator, near a bayou along Highway 69, near Belle Rose, Louisiana.

Original Medium: Oil on 18 x 24 Stretched Canvas ... Limited Edition: 700

Artist: Sharlene Dufrene, Raceland Louisiana

Here is a sample of the note card backs.

Working on proofing for prints, this 18 x 24 ink & watercolor on illustration board, by artist, Matthew Thomas, entitled "Music, It's in Our Roots."  Matthew created this work for the George Rodrigue, 2015 college scholarship competition, prior to graduating from H.L. Bourgeois High School, in Gray, Louisiana.