I really like the symmetry of this piece ... Has the feel of needle point.  Printing some note cards for an upcoming powwow in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mother and Four Daughters
--from original 16x20 acrylic on canvas

Surrounded by a Santee floral design, birds, and dragonflies, this Sioux mother stands with her four daughters.  Artwork is by Donel Keeler, a Dakotah Sioux artist who enjoys painting Native American art as well as wildlife.

Donel E. Keeler ... Dakotah Artist ... wredwing@cox.net ... 402-779-6150

© Artist Retains All Rights

Printing note cards of this:  Dottie and Pick-A-Little ... 24” x 30” oil on canvas

Painted from the artist’s photo taken on a photo safari near Ndutu Safari Lodge in the Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa, in March, 2009. This adorable teenage giraffe was resting by a river bed with a red billed oxpecker taking a break on her knee.

The Artist: Since taking up oil painting upon semi-retirement in 2000,Lynda Skutt has enjoyed painting still lifes, landscapes, people studies, portraits, flowers, and animals. She enjoys the diversity, but to date her favorite subject matter is her animals.

Lynda Skutt ... Portland, Oregon ... 
www.LyndaSkutt.com ... © Artist Retains All Rights

Printing quarter-fold size (5.5 x 4.25) note cards of this pen & ink, by Jackson, TN artist, Karlie Head, entitled "Why Wish?" ... A fun Sweet Adeline's tribute!

Printing cards of this commissioned artwork by Dan Junot, of Thibodaux, Louisiana.

"Madonna with the Green Cushion," a devotional image of the Virgin nursing Jesus, has been so called since the 17th century due to the motif of the green cushion placed on a marble plinth in the foreground.  This detail, perfectly integrated here within the holy group, is indeed remarkable; with its soft, padded comfort it truly accompanies this scene of family tenderness and well-being.

This copy is based upon the original by ANDREAS DE SOLARIO FE (1460-1524), which hangs in the Louvre.

Artwork by Dana Morvant of Thibodaux, Louisiana ... on facebook at: Za Arteest Design

--Dana was inspired to paint this work in thanksgiving for recovery from illness.

Producing foam board mounted canvas giclees & note cards.

An eternal favorite back on press as foam board mounted, canvas giclees.  This is quilted, fabric/fiber art by Dana Morvant, of Za Arteest Design, Thibodaux, Louisiana, entitled, "Our Lady of the Swamp."  It is from an original 26 x 31 tapestry.