Printing boxes of note cards of this Pelican & Blue Heron by Ann Catalanotto of Kenner, Louisiana.

Lynda Skutt, of Portland, Oregon, has sent in another of her stunningly gorgeous oil paintings to be reproduced as note cards. These happen to be my favorite flower.

Garden Party”
20” x 24” oil on canvas

Painted from the artist’s photo taken in Gearhart, Oregon. Obviously a happy place to grow hydrangeas. There were four or five bushes just like this one along side a home on The Highlands Golf Club. Whether it was the salty ocean air or the sandy soil that produced this explosion of color, the artist knew one day she had paint it and fortunately her camera was in her golf bag!

A very popular subject for artist in this area.  This artist has ordered canvas prints of her rendition, which she wishes to have mounted to foam board, so that it can be framed just like a canvas panel.

St. Luke Baptist Church, Chackbay, Louisiana
--from original 11" x 14" oil on stretched canvas

Abandoned in the late 1960s, this house of worship once played a center role in the lives of African-Americans in Lafourche Parish. Probably rendered useless by a hurricane, it sat for years, progressivly decaying, nestled aside Highway 20, between Thibodaux & Chackbay. Except for artist’s renderings, the structure is now completely gone.

Artwork by 
Mickey Guillory
Thibodaux, Louisiana

Another new art reproduction client:  Barbara Webb of Pierre Part, Louisiana. Creating fine art paper prints of this painting of a family store.  The structure was moved from Pierre Part to the Cajun Village in Sorrento, Louisiana.  A nice painterly slice of history.

Barbara is able to do prints of smaller painting at home.  This piece was larger than she was able to accommodate, so she enlisted our services.  We are VERY pleased to supplement her process so that her collectors do not have to be denied the opportunity to purchase this work.

"I am completely sold out, Randy!" Well then, Joan, we've got to rectify that situation tout de suite!

Welcome to our art reproduction family, Symantha! You are such a talented addition. This will make some for coveted prints!

"Pearl of the Estuary"

11 x 14 Oil on Canvas
by Symantha Sevin
Chauvin, Louisiana

As the owner of a south Louisiana seafood market, Symantha knows her oysters, as evidenced by the pearlescent tones and concave depth of field portrayed in her homage to this Gulf delicacy.

After discovering that she possessed a talent for painting—well into adulthood—she sought out instruction, but mostly uses the “try it and see if it works” method. Well ... It is OBVIOUSLY working!