A lovely 16 x 20 giclee canvas print, of "Nostalgic for Evergreens," by Patricia Smith Cook of southeast Louisiana. Paddy is donating this work to a school for special needs children, as part of a fund raising effort. The painting depicts slopes in Colorado that she has skied.

Two in an oyster series, by Symantha Sevin of Chauvin, LA.  Proofing out canvas giclee prints.  Symantha owns a seafood outlet, so she is quite familiar with the nuances of this creature.

Making some note cards from the artwork of Dorothy Bury Shaw, of Downers Grove, IL. Her work is always so masterfully detailed, springing forth from such spiritually poignant inspiration.  Her work is of archival inks on paper.  These pieces are entitled "Gemstones" & "A Place to Rest".  The heart piece is a square card, the figure is a 5 x 7 bleed.

Getting to make note cards & prints of more of Lexington, Virginia artist Diane Smith's pastel work!  "Feather Toy" & "What? What?"

Replaced the artist's original ecru backgrounds with these black backgrounds to dramatic effect.  Watercolors by Sally Markell of Memphis, TN.  Producing no.10 sized note cards.
"Greenback Trout" / "Guzman Trout" / "Redband Trout"

Within one month, two very different interpretations of Our Lady of Guadalupe came into our studios.  Both are by Houma, Louisiana based artists.  The faceless one is by Natalie Haydel, the other by Breagan Wood.