This set of note cards makes for a nice corporate gift for this investment firm, who hired a professional photographer to take the shots for this specific project.

Love how artists can make us see the layers of colors present even in heaps of junk. Made for a great note card.

"Junkyard Dawgs"
20" x 24" Oil on Canvas

The artist gathered pictures of these decaying old cars and trucks and nestled them in at the base of a hillside. We’ve all seen these scenes as we travel the back roads of our country. She hopes “Junkyard Dawgs” makes you smile.

The Artist: Since taking up oil painting upon semi-retirement in 2000, Lynda Skutt has enjoyed painting still lifes, landscapes, people studies, portraits, flowers, and animals. She enjoys the diversity, but to date her favorite subject matter is her animals.

Lynda Skutt
Portland, Oregon

© Artist Retains All Rights

Mailing off these 11 x 17 poster paper prints this morning.

Barbara Gaudet Daigle Webb
February 19, 2016, at 8:57am 

I had a canvas print made of one of my original

Awesome work done by Randy Orgeron ... Thx

Barbara Gaudet Daigle Webb
February 16, 2016, at 5:00am 

Thanks Randy Orgeron. The prints are so true

in quality of the original.
Any one wanting a print let me know!!

New artwork from a new client, Louanna Guidry, from south Louisiana, who brought in these whimsical canvas squares of water creatures.

Now that the files are digital, I'm proofing out portfolio prints for her.

Delightful little 5x7 oil on Masonite, by Carolyn France of south Louisiana.  Proofing out note cards for her.

It's sweet when your grandfather is an artist & can immortalize you on canvas! ... Portrait by Ronnie Lewis of Louisiana.  Creating canvas prints mounted to foam board.

Newly created ad to run in an upcoming issue of a magazine devoted to Japanese Chin.  Always fun using our creative juices to promote art!

This was a fun 1st for us:

Symantha Sevin added 4 new photos — February 12, 2016, at 12:56pm

Thank you Randy Orgeron!   Beautiful table and print.

Barbara Gaudet Daigle Webb is a happy client from Pierre Part, Louisiana.

She was originally doing prints at home, but was frustrated by the hassle of trying to produce a print that did justice to her originals.  She wisely decided to concentrate on creating the art (her forte) & leave the process of reproducing the art to us (our area of expertise).