"Cajun Boil" by Barbara Webb of Pierre Part, Louisiana.  Creating 11 x 14 Presentation Paper for $15.00 per ... comes in seal bag with backing board.

Reaching a milestone as I begin the digitizing process for Number 19 in the "Faces of Chin" series by Martha Hooks, of Tea House Art Works, Wilsonville, AL.  This is Lacey ... from original 16 x 16 acrylic on canvas.  Prints & note cards are available at Art Note Cards and Prints.

Just finished topcoating a 30 x 36 canvas giclee, which will be stretched as a gallery wrap (with 1-1/2" side depths), of this watercolor "Taking it to the Streets," by Thibodaux, Louisiana artist, Martha Thomassie.  The coating has a matte finish, instead of gloss, so as to give it the more natural look of an original watercolor.

A most poignant art image for troubled times.  Produced beautiful note cards.  Artwork & concept by Martha Thomassie of Matee Artwork, Thibodaux, LA

This boxed set of note cards makes for a nice corporate gift for this investment firm.

Working with a client who recently updated the interior of a living room space.  She loves plantation home paintings. She selected this original, 24 x 36 acrylic of Napoleonville, Louisiana's Madewood Plantation House, by Dan Junot, of Thibodaux, Louisiana.

I digitally captured the image & enlarged it to a 32 x 48. Then I enlarged the area around the printed image to 38 x 52, allowing for captioning.  She is going to have it matted with a 4 inch matte, and then framed with a 4-1/2" frame.  So, the end result will be a nearly 55 x 70 art piece to hang over a 7 foot sofa expanse, on a 12 foot high wall.

Should make for a weighty & stunning focal point!

The job was to "refresh" the original wedding photo (of some 30+ years).

A new shipment of "Laura" prints headed to Laura Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana.  Artwork by Gaynell Bourgeios Moore of St. Amant, Louisiana.

Proofing this piece for giclee prints.  Artwork by Annelise DelaHoussaye of DelaHoussaye Designs, Thibodaux, Louisiana