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Original Watercolor

by Brigid Grace

Thibodaux, LA


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If I submit original artwork to you, will you return it?​

     Yes.  Once we are finished making a digital capture of your original artwork, we will return it to you, along with a print or note card proof, if requested.

What is the turnaround time?

     Once we've received your art (original or digital file) it will take about 10 days to create a file that we can print your order from.  Once the proofing process is complete, it will take an additional 5 days to print your order. If shipping is required, allow additional time to receive your order.

     Reorders of work that we already have on file are typically printed and ready for mailing or pickup within 5 business days.

     These time frames are GOALS…not guarantees.
     Factors that Influence Turnaround Times: (1) The number of pieces of artwork submitted.  Obviously it will take longer to setup nine pieces of art as opposed to one or two.  (2) The number of other clients we have in queue before you.  (3) Efficiency of delivery services.  (4) Holidays that fall on weekdays.  (5) Our peak printing time between Halloween and Christmas.

What if I have a deadline?

     It is usually the case that we have some flexibility in our queue, which would allow us to move you up if you have a deadline.  COMMUNICATION is paramount in this regard.

     To the extent that you can control these things, getting your work into us as soon as possible is helpful in meeting your deadlines.  

     Remember that we are a “fine art” reproduction company; we are not Kinko’s® or Kwik Kopy®.  In order for us to do justice to your work, you must allow us the same necessary time latitude that you gave yourself in producing the art.  As in the creation of art, the reproduction of art is a process, which requires patience, talent, experience, and skillful attention to detail.  The art of fine art reproduction can be time-intensive.  If you've attempted to do this at home, you've quickly come to understand why it is that there are those of us out here who have made careers out of this concept.  Fine art reproduction is not something that is done on occasion or as a hobby.  We work this business sometimes 12 and 14 hours per day, including weekends when necessary.  You are wise to have come to the decision to stick to painting and creating the works of art -- and outsourcing the reproduction of those works to us.  Remember also that the cheaper alternatives will no doubt get you cheaper results.

What is an "artist enhanced" or "artist retouched" giclée?

     A canvas giclée can be "retouched" (enhanced), if you will, with actual paint pigments, to give a heightened realism to the print &/or to add texture to the surface.  By invoking this process, the artist can command a greater price for the print, while still keeping the cost below that of an original.  Because of the nature of this handwork process, each artist enhanced giclée is unique as it is a one of a kind.  We can add a blurb on your giclee certificate of authenticity that indicates that this process was applied, if you let us know that it is your intention to enhance your canvas giclée.​

    Our customers have reported successfully over-painting our giclée prints with oils, acrylics, etc.  However, we can assume no responsibility for the outcome given the extensive range of paint products available on the market.  Good Luck!

Can a paper print be a giclée also?

     Yes ... Absolutely!  For some reason, the term giclée has become synonymous with canvas prints.  This is NOT AT ALL accurate.  Giclée is a method of printing that assumes that particular media & inks & machines (that meet particular standards) are employed.  Our papers & inks & machines meet all of the required standards to produce giclées; therefore, the paper prints that you receive from us are--very much indeed--gicleés.

Art there any types of original art that you don't work with?

     We do NOT accept original pastel paintings through the mail.  We can accept pastel paintings IF and ONLY IF they are hand delivered to our gallery.  Otherwise, we accept all media.  

Do you work with slides?

     We do not work with film of any kind ...  No slides, negatives or transparencies.

Can I deliver or ship original art to you that is framed?

     No.  We do not accept artwork in frames.  Frames cast shadows when the painting is lit for digital capture.  Frames also--very often--place integral elements of the composition (such as signatures) too near the edge, making cropping for reproduction (and subsequent framing of the reproduction) an issue.  

     Additionally, we are not a frame shop & will not be responsible for removing frames, storing them, and then reframing them prior to releasing them back to you.

Can I deliver or ship original art to you that is behind glass?

     No.  We do not accept art behind glass.  Artwork CANNOT be digitally captured behind glass & we do not unframe artwork, given the inherent breakage issue when attempting to do so.  Some artist use Plexiglass to stabilize & protect paintings for shipping.  That is fine, so long as the Plexiglass is not in a frame.

Should I varnish my original artwork prior to delivering or shipping it to you?

     NO!!!  NO!!!!  NO!!!!!  If you have not already done so, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE wait until we have successfully created a digital capture of your artwork before applying a varnish of any kind.  These types of finishes create a reflective surface that causes "bling" when any type of light hits them.  This makes photographing them EXCEEDINGLY difficult & challenging, requiring a good deal of extra time & effort on the part of our photographers & computer graphic artists.  We understand that some pigments & mixing mediums have there own inherent shine; that is fine ... we can work with that.  

     If you have already varnished your work, we reserve the right to assess it for its viability for digital capture.  We may choose to refuse the work or levy additional setup fees (which you can--of course--elect to decline paying).

Why can't you just E-Mail me a proof of the digital file that you capture of my original art?

     Because each monitor displays colors differently, the image that we would send as a proof would not be accurate to the actual print and/or note card product that we are producing for you.  This is why--in order for you to be completely satisfied that the print and/or note card matches your original artwork--you should elect to receive a physical proof.

     Some of our long-time clients, who have a track record with us, forgo the additional $10.00 cost of having a physical proof produced for them.  However, for others--although they are convinced of our ability to match their work--they use the proofs to build their art portfolios, allowing them to show potential clients what they have available as prints & note cards ... & also to use as a way of demonstrating the range of art styles that they can create when discussing commissions.

What if I am not happy with the proof that I receive?

     This question mainly pertains to digitally submitted files.  [When we have access to the original artwork, reproduction accuracy is not an issue, as we can refer to the actual art & visually tweak to match ... there is absolutely no guess work about our color matching goal, when we are physically looking at the original work of art.]  If the digital file accurately represents the original, all things should work out just fine.  However, there can be no guarantees.  

     If you are not happy with a proof, you will lose your setup fee & your proofing fee investment.  We do not return that to you.  We also do not make adjustments post proofing based upon subjective descriptions by the artist.  Without having visual access to the original art, we can't possibly know how much "greener" to make the grass, or how much "bluer" to make the sky.  If you are not happy with the proofs, the process & our involvement with one another essentially ceases, as we will conclude that your digital art file submissions & our process are simply not a suitable pairing.

     Having said this, our track record--after almost 15 years--is exceptional; otherwise, I don't suppose that we would still be answering the phone!  Because we are both technicians & artists, chances are pretty good that we're going to successfully capture the essence of your original & you'll be pleased to have your name on the prints & note cards that are produced as a result.

Can you drop-ship prints & note cards?

     Yes, we can ship your art reproduction products to any person or business that you'd like us to, provided that the address is within the continental United States.  We would not place the invoice in that package.

How much should I sell my prints & note cards for?

     Our prices are set so that you can (at a minimum) double the price that we charge you.  Our prices are set for direct sale by the artist to the end user.  If you are reselling through a vendor, then you'll have to negotiate whatever terms would be of benefit to both parties.  

     We suggest that you recoup your setup fees via quantities sold, not by trying to include a percentage of what you paid into each note card or print that you sell, as it may drive the price higher than can reasonably be expected to be paid by consumers.  The one exception would be in the case of a commissioned print or note card, where someone is specifically requesting that you have a print or note card made of your original artwork for their acquisition.  In that case, you would want to pass all of your costs onto the party commissioning the reproductions.

What about copyrights?

     We have no rights to reproduce (or in any other way disseminate) your work beyond the orders that you place.  

     Likewise, we begin with the assumption that the work that you present to us is your own, derived from your imagination or from your own photographs (or from photographs for which you have obtained rights & permissions).  Here is a link to a very informative article (with great resources) on paintings from photographs:  May I Make a Painting of a Photograph?  

     If you do copies of old master's works, they are eligible for reproduction as  they are immune to copyright infringement issues.

     We do not reproduce works that incorporate elements that violate the copyrights of others.  These would be such things as sport's logos, entertainment characters, etc...  We can reproduce the work of deceased artists, provided that you hold inheritance rights to the work.

     Ownership of a painting in no way implies copyrights.  Normally, copyrights are a separately negotiated event.

    If you have ANY concerns in this regard, please contact us to explain your particular situation and let us help you to decide how to proceed.

How long do you keep my digital files?

     As long as your files are active, we keep them.  That is to say that, as long as the files of your digital images are being accessed to produce prints &/or note cards, we keep them on our hard drives.  Should your files become inactive for 12 months, they may be deleted.  That is to say that, if you do not place an order for one full year, we may permanently delete your files to make room for newer, active art.  

     We will make an attempt to contact you prior to deleting your work.  An order may be placed at that time, to hold your files for another year ... or ... you may elect to have us delete the files ... or ... you can send us a flash drive, unto which we can place your work.  We would mail the drive to you.  You can send it back to us, should you wish to have work done at a later point.

​     Please note that we are not responsible for the loss of digital files under any circumstances, but most especially in the following circumstances:

  • natural disaster
  • technical malfunction
  • death of the proprietor
  • facility calamity
  • business closure  

What carrier should I use to ship original art?

     We suggest UPS, because they are the only carrier that will insure your artwork for actual value.  In the 15 years that we have been receiving art in our studio, there have only been 2 incidences of damage ... both were the result of insufficient packaging by the artist.  So, pack well & ship with confidence.  If you need tips on how to package your particular piece of art for shipment, please call ... we'll be happy to assist.

How do I know if the digital file that I submit will be of the required quality to produce a print &/or a note card?

     The easiest way to find this out is to send the file to us, indicating your intention.  We will assess the file here & let you know if it will work for your intended purpose.  Given all of the devices on the market that are used to capture & create digital images, it is not possible to give generic instructions on how to best set a device to obtain a high quality image. It is also the case, that there are techniques that we can use to improve a digital image that may not be optimum.

I get your promotions for note cards & paper prints.  Why don't you ever run a promotion on canvas prints?

     Canvas prints are more time & resource intensive than are note cards & paper prints.  Canvas prints must be top coated, with a minimum of two coats, once they are printed.  After they are dry, they then need to be stretched, which involves building the stretcher & then hand stretching them.  For this reason, it is prohibitive for us to ever offer discounts on canvas prints.

Do you promote artists or act as agents?

While we do not act as an agent for artists, we do promote artists in these ways:

  • by creating faithful print & note card reproductions of their artwork, which--in turn--allows them to get their artwork out before a broader audience.  Many, many times, we have heard artists tell us that the note cards of their artwork act as mini-marketing-ambassadors for their art, as often times commissions &/or request for prints have come from persons who have received the cards.
  • by posting images of our clients artwork on our Facebook page & on their timeline (with prior permission & watermarked with their name & copyright symbol.)  These images can also be saved by the artist & posted on a website or used to share with family, friends, & potential customers.
  • by posting your work on our "In Queue" page (with your permission) when we are actually working on an order for you.
  • ​Here are some additional tips for marketing your artwork:  SOLD