"Winter Woods at Daybreak"
Artwork & Poetry by Diane-Ellen McCarron                Listening Creations

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Prints & Note Cards make note cards made from artwork and Prints and Note Cards make assorted boxes of note cards from artwork, produced from their original art or from digital art files.

prints and note cards assorted boxes of note cards from artwork

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printing on inside of card

Perhaps you'd like to have a verse printed on the inside of your note card.  That can be accommodated.  

If only text is desired, there would not be any additional fee to set that up.  If something more elaborate is needed, a creative fee may be accessed.  That would be discussed at the time that the order is placed.

There will be an additional .25 cent per card accessed to print anything on the inside (even if it is only text).

This page discusses all of the various options

associated with our original art note card printing.

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Perhaps you've done several paintings of the same genre:  flowers, animals, landscapes, etc.  Well, here's your chance to offer a box of "Assorted Image" note cards.

We use "Thumbnail Inserts" to advise the customer as to the contents of the box of assorted image note cards ... as shown in the examples below.  Customers can see all of the images included in the box without having to open the box & handle the cards.  These Thumbnail Inserts are an optional, but compelling addition at the point of sale ... becoming stand alone little art-pieces and collector's items. 

First choose a title for the set of assorted note cards; something that groups the cards together with a theme.  Ex: a set of still-life painting cards might be titled “The Days of Wine & Roses.”  Or you might have painted "Three Colossal Clydesdales."  Use your imagination and group together paintings to create a box of assorted cards.  You can have as few as 5 different images or as many as 12 different images ... or you can have multiples of images to create boxes of 6, 8, 10, & 12.  

With all assorted boxes--as an option--we can create a collective "thumbnail insert" card that is inserted behind the last card in the box (facing outward).  It allows the customer to see all cards within the box in miniature, and tells how many of each card is contained within.  When packing the cards, the top image is rotated so that all the different card faces can be seen full-size on a table display or rack.

In the 1st example below, you can see that this artist is using 12 different images of vegetables & fruit to create an assorted box of 12 note cards.  The artwork is done in a variety of medias.  The second thumb-nail insert example, shows a box of 6 note cards, using 2 each of 3 hydrangea watercolor images.  The 3rd example, shows a box of 10 assorted note cards, using 2 each of 5 watercolor images, depicting classic New Orleans, Louisiana locations, events, & attractions.  You provide us with the assortment of images & we'll create an attractive, thumbnail insert, that will highlight & complment your art ... with your complete input & editorial approval, of course!  The creative fee for producing a thumbnail insert can be found at the very bottom of our setup-fee page.


We can furnish your notecards in the following creative ways:

1) Loose Cards with Envelopes

2) A Single Card in a Crystal Clear Seal Bag *

3) 6 Cards in a Crystal Clear Seal Bag ... same image only *

4) 12 Cards in a Crystal Clear Seal Bag  ... same image only *

5) Crystal Clear Boxes (high density PVC) of "SAME IMAGE" or "ASSORTED IMAGE" note cards, in quantities of 5 to 12. *

* All cards--regardless of packaging--come with envelopes.



On the back of the note cards, we can print information about the image, the artist, and contact information ... all at no extra cost.  The setup fees for note cards, covers the formatting of text on the back of the cards.  

Should you wish to have a logo created or some element from your image isolated & placed on the back of your cards, computer time fees would be assessed.  Please consult with us for quotes.  

Color printing on the back of the cards can be done at no additional cost above the price of the note card.