Giclée Print Certificate of Authenticity:  This is a paper document that assures the validity of the print, as having been produced using all steps & materials essential in the gilcée process.

You can elect to have this added value document accompany each of your paper & canvas prints, at no additional cost.

The certificates are customized to provide such information as the title of the work, the current collection in which it hangs, the works inspiration, the particulars about the original, the size of the print & the date printed, the artist's biographical information, the artist's contact information, and a place for the artist to sign the certificate.  A limited edition line can be added, as well as an enhancement (or retouch) blurb if you plan to apply paint to a canvas giclée.

Additionally--and as importantly--these certificates detail the technical specifications about the print:  the reproduction process employed, the inks used, the durability of the print, the paper and/or the canvas specs, the top coat used (that sort of thing).

At some point along the processing of your print job, we will contact you to ask about whether you'd like to have a certificate generated; and--if so--collect the required information from you.

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