​​Tips on Selling Original Artwork & Reproductions ... 01-21-16

In observing the promotional activities engaged in by our successful art reproduction clients, we've noted some common threads that they use to get their work out before a broader audience, in such a way that generates sales:

Facebook:  Create a page dedicated solely to your art.  On that page, post images of available originals, commissions, and--most especially--work in progress.  People enjoy watching a work develop and become invested in the finished piece.

Respond to comments to keep the conversation alive.  The more engaging and interactive you are with people, the more attention they will pay to your work.  It is important that you regularly update your status, as your followers will lose interest if you only an occasionally post.

Shows:  Display your art anywhere that these type of vendor opportunities are available.  It is a wonderful way to make connections with an otherwise untapped audience.  Consider investing in a tent, display partitions, tables, display racks, and signage.  Be certain to announce on your Facebook page that you are going to be showing and invite your friends to stop by and say "Hello!"

Feature Article:  Contact the cultural writers of local newspapers and magazines and ask them to write a story about you.  Many times these journalist are looking for stories to fill their assignments and will be receptive to your initiative and happy to interview you and to photograph your work.

4.  Commercial Website:   Sites such as Etsy, which are peer-to-peer e-commerce websites focused on handmade items, are the perfect vehicle for selling your artwork.  These platforms are user friendly, such that--armed with photos of your work--you can create your own retail website (without needing to hire a tech person) by simply following the step by step, methodical templates.  

Once you've created your store, be certain to print the web address on any materials that you publish, such as note cards and business cards.  You will also want to place a link from your Facebook page to your store. 

5.  Open House:  Having an open house during the winter holiday season is a prime way to sell art.  These are usually all day events, where light horderves and beverages are offered.  If you don't have the home space to accommodate this type of event, a very effective method to accomplish a similar activity is to pull together a group of artists, and rent a space.  In this way, the expenses are shared.  I have seen this done, and the atmosphere created is always very festive.

Outdoor home shows--on a patio or in the yard--when the weather is more clement (as in the springtime), is also a wonderful event to plan.  Again, I've seen this type of thing done, utilizing a small number of artists, whose works are different enough to be broadly interesting for the buyer and non-competing for the artists.  Perhaps a watercolor artist, and a pastel artist, and someone who does sculptures, or wood carvings.

Okay ... There you have it ... a few helpful tips for marketing your art.  Remember, you can be the best artist in town, but if no one ever sees your work, they can't by it.

All Success to You!​ – Randy Orgeron